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My Diary Left Bare'd

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You were my first love, for sure, O mamma
in this life, you are my prima.
The simplicity residing you, just so charmy
and care by you, the best of balmy.
Your kissing my cheek before my test
a sight of you and I could sacrifice the rest.
Having you forever, it felt so blessed
your lap was all that meant after being day-long distressed.
Cannot live without me, recalled me always
neither could I forget you anyways.
But none could stand seeing us happy
Then changed time ominous and sappy.
Those sleepless nights you spent in pain
And dad’s all those efforts that went in vain.
Those emergency nights we went to docs
And blind efforts when hit the rocks.
See you suffer, the ICU s’ did cry
me without you'd be so tame and dry.
Twice a week, for dialysis we went
Seeing you in machines is what I still repent.
Dad’s contact in Chennai, Pak(istan) didn't work
Then a donor from Mohali did the surf.
But the nature was ready with a bang on way
none could believe you had no more to stay.
Cannot forget the last words you say
‘God bless me always is what you pray’.
That made moist the eyes of your tot
I just wanna say I miss you a lot…
I miss you a lot….. Miss you a lot…..