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I am His sheep He is my shepherd!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We all have good friends and besties in our lives, whom we are proud of, and wish of having them forever in our lives. And there’s nothing wrong in that. Everybody needs a friend, a companion, whom he can rely upon during his good and bad times. Everybody needs a heart to rely upon and a shoulder to cry on. So, getting addicted to such buddies is ‘as expected’… The good times we spend with them, the everlasting memories we create, and the love we share creates a non-replaceable reserve in our hearts and they stay there forever, till our heart beats.

But some things are just not in our control. Nobody stays forever. There surely gonna come a day in your life, when you’ll find yourself to be the only companion left in your journey of life. And that will be the day when you’ll have no other choice than just letting things happen the way they are going... and having faith in One and the only Almighty...  Just give your role and let Him get you out of the situation and decide what is best 4 you... Hold his finger and get carried away like a fallen leaf submits itself to the powerful winds without knowing its destiny.