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Still waiting for your 'Yes'........

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You make me feel so dumb
Your charm, your love I could never plumb
Its so cold and never warm
Give mine a chance, it would never harm
Distance has never been an issue, my love will abide
Whether you are far or my beside
Watching you go out of my doorways
Didnt bother stepping foot on my decays
Always pretending to be unaware
Not even as a friend and didn't care
I stand still in this never ending rain
Putting every possible effort
To show my love but seems all in vain
Want you to see and feel my plea
Vanish my sorrow make me glee
You turned to be so harsh and rude
Never realized my love
Landed me in the land of tears
With wet eyes and heart's bruise
I still stand waiting for you
My expectations may be fake
But I pray they are true
I see you going away and didnt even condole
Wanna hold you forever close to my soul
Hug you and never let go
But I guess time will never reverse its flow
Your steps leading to a separate way

Though I want you to stay

But wat should I say

Return of My Love

Efforts to live without you were going all fine
until one day you returned with a twine.
At first it hit like a surprise by you
then the same, showing off care and affection
and things not true.
Still couldn’t understand whats your game
victory over my love is what you proclaim.
My heart says you are not happy
making our lives fishy and scrappy.
I can’t bear all this and m going through hell
by now you should understand things going well.
Crying all night imagining you in pain
my passion of loving you 
shouldn’t remain just a dream once again.
Stop hiding things just remain my friend
lets fight and end all this together with a blend.
Stop making excuses for the fake and the blue
things not happening the way I wanted them to.
At this stage, am hanging in the dilemma of love