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Go on my dear!

Monday, April 16, 2012

If you feel you are alone,

Touch all your fingers and you are ten,

If you feel there is no one to love,

Hug yourself and feel the self,

If you feel no one smiles at you,

Look into the mirror and flash a smile

If you feel you are angry on yourself

Stand under the warm sunshine

If you feel there is none to care for you,

Just spend an hour with a destitute

Just don’t think about the laughter gone wrong ,

Don’t think of the time that faded and gone

Turn your head and pay heed to the humble heart

Listen to the myriad tune and dance

Smell the palms and breath heavily

In the pavement of the narrow street,

Walk steadily

Just look out for the lost confidence

Just try to gather the withered passion

If not the universe, this earth will love you

If not the mansion a home will dwell you

Go on , go on my dear!

Still there is time.

In the insane beauty of your mind and heart

lies the destiny curled and tied

Unwind, untied, get a little thing once again

Go on..Go on my dear!

Still there is time.

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