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The Love Unspoken

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A simple being became a bliss
when one day I saw my miss.
Got a glimpse of The Elysian Fields
wanted to be sunk in the ocean so deep.
You changed my life the way
a romantic rain scents the clay.
Dying with your eyes’ gleam
gettin’ you became an alluring dream.
Wishing you could hear the words unspoken
just accept my heart, my love’s token.

Happy life of mine, thy conquered
if you’d be mine; I wondered.
Dull life, dark and faded
searching for love, your friendship aided.
Your friendship was an undefined treasure
yet to wait for your love’s shower.
Reached up to the 7th cloud
will not be afraid of falling; I vowed.

Happiest memories are the moments with you
even thought of parting makes me blue.
Missing you with every tic-toc
a second without you is a deadlock.
The moment we reunite is monsoon drizzle
bringing an end to the prolonged grizzle.
Your smile is demand of nature
 when thee sneer, you make me nurtured.
Your laughter brings life to life
claspin’ the enemies, forgettin’ the strife.

Your love is all I need
baby, don’t garble it as my greed.
My promise to be sincere and true
need some love, just we two.
Your eyes are an angel’s wish
don’t leave me a yearning fish.
Forever this love in my heart will stay
asking for thy love, I do pray.
Life’s getting fainted
leaving me feeble and tainted.

Ask the burning sun, my yearn, o sweetheart
this loneliness just stabbing my heart.
Why don’t you feel the pain of my tear?
am I a sap or your kingdom’s spear?
I adore thou my sacred majesty
but m dying and getting musty.
I can’t live without you
please, o baby, love me too!!
I will forget you never
but love you forever, n ever, n ever….
Wish I could reveal the love unspoken
and tell how badly my heart’s broken.

                        Don't let LOVE go UNSPOKEN

                                                                                                                 -Arish Dhawan