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Dengue Fever: Early Signs, Symptoms And Effective Treatment

Monday, March 26, 2018

Dengue Fever: Early Signs, Symptoms And Effective Treatment

Transmitted by the bite of Aedes, a day-biting mosquito, Dengue is a viral disease that has been on the rise in India. Dengue causes high fever, headache, nausea, rash and pain in the eye, joint and muscles. Despite multiple advisories, the disease wasn’t taken sincerely and the death toll from this severe outbreak rose to 250 during the year 2017 as there has not been found a cure yet.

As a kid, I often wondered who turned off the mosquito repellent every morning without I woke up. More so, how did they know when the mosquitoes were gone and won’t return before dark. Often, I found myself rubbing against red spots on my skin, so sure they weren’t mosquito bites.

This is to say that children, of all, are most vulnerable.

And it didn’t end here. Evenings meant playtime which started when the sun was still high and ceased with the menace of the mosquitoes in the green fields.

Thus, it becomes important to understand the symptoms and steps that can be taken to prevent the spread of disease.

Some of the visible signs and symptoms of dengue, if any, may include:
  • Dengue usually starts with a high, fluctuating and recurring fever
  • Bleeding gums and nose
  • a severe headache especially in the back of the eye
  • pain experienced in the muscles and joints
  • Dengue symptoms in children may include loss of appetite accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea
  • rashes on arms and legs and nausea
  • fatigue and extreme tiredness
  • Sometimes, people may not show any symptoms at all.

Do not ignore any denguesymptoms and rush to the doctor at once. 

Below are a few must-dos to prevent dengue:

  • Eliminate any kinds of breeding sites for dengue mosquitoes where they may lay eggs like water containers in and around the home.
  • Clean all water containers that may as yet be required.
  • Replace water from standing water storages like buckets, aquariums, pots etc. to avoid the spread.
  • As already warned, Aedes are day-biting mosquitoes and prefer biting during the day. So, do not leave home without using personal mosquito repellents even during the day like applying 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, just 4 dots of the on your clothes for 8 hours protection from mosquitoes outdoors.

  • When at home, keep mosquito repellents like Goodknight Activ+ System switched on as dengue mosquitoes mostly prefer to bite in the mornings and late afternoon.

  • Avoid mosquito bites. Stay covered. Wear full sleeved clothes for additional protection if weather permits. Make sure window and door screens are secure.

There is no specific medicine to treat Dengue infection. So, battling the disease with the right products, such as that of Goodknight, would help in preventing and ensuring that your family’s health is safe and sound. Compared to getting treated for dengue fever, it is best to take precautions to avoid the disease itself.

Happiness in your Eyes

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let me have the privilege of being
The crescent share of the cookie
While you be the gibbous half of the
Same moon you so dearly adore.

I look into your eyes and
The ocean inhales me in
Along with the handmaiden waves.
Your name I’d sing to the world
For the paradise I witnessed in your arms
While you embraced my lows.

A Grey Child

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A June was born between
December and January
And I named it Darkness.
We had a nasty fight over it
For she was rather well off
Without it if not for naming it Denial.
But denial, as you know,
Would be too sinister a name for anyone
To make them forget their world
Out of love.

We didn't talk to each other for days.

A play of dreams

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

At 2 am, I saw you for the very first time
At Brooklyn’s in one of my dreams.
By 3 am, we were talking of dandelions, cocoa and books
Over red velvety loaf of bread.
Later that night, I woke up to a whisper in my ear
And I thought you’d never get a chance to complete your venture story.
At 4:07 sharp, while the going was good,
We kissed goodbyes in a yet another dream
And I woke up in disbelief to
Such phenomenal a stroke of luck
But this time you won’t return. I was so sure.
Before I found myself down on my knees
A stunning you standing right in front of me, taken aback
By the ring in my hand.
But dreams are a tall tale and I pulled myself back
Before I was drawn too far away in its pleasances.
At 7, I saw you in the mirror
While running razor against my stubble.
I stargazed you in my bowl of cornflakes,
Waldorf salad, beaten eggs, in the nightfall of
My closed eyes, and a dozen other things by 9.